Your dream collaboration: Who would it be?

We all have those favorite artists whose music resonates with us on a deeper level, and we often dream about what it would be like to collaborate with them.

So, let’s hear it…

If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist or band, who would it be and why?

Brian Wilson at his prime.

He was ahead of his time creating surf music and the the Pet Sounds/Smile era of music pushing sonic boundaries even though he could barely hear in his right ear.


Welcome to the forum @aharnett04 Nice choice :ok_hand:

Thank you Matt

I think Brian Wilson is not an obvious choice in this musical climate but it was his approach as much as his output that creates the respect he deserves in my opinion

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Absolutely. I think it’s good to go a bit for leftfield. While his style might not align directly with current trends, the opportunity to learn from his experience and approach would be pretty amazing!