What genre on music do you produce/create?

I’m interested in hearing what styles of music people make.

Let me know below! :point_down:

into Electronic pop / EDM / Trance / Melodic Techno

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Dark dnb or anything that annoys neighbours

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Killing 2 birds with one stone! :grin:

I’m experimenting and mixing and matching. Mostly pop/rock with elements from progressive rock and electronic techniques. I am finding my own style and probably I am too pop to be rock, too rock to be electronic and too progressive to be pop. :joy::v::musical_score:

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Finding your own style is a good thing! You never know; maybe you’ll create a new genre :grinning:

Yeah man, I’m already calling it progressive pop :smiley: Don’t know if it’s in use or not lol

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After having a 2 and a half year break due to medical reason as in open heart surgery im getting bk in to making dnb i have tryed fusing dif genres with dnb so looking 4ward to get bk to bass heavy high energy.music

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That’s great news you’re getting over your heart surgery.

It looks like there’s a few DnB heads on here already which is great. :ok_hand:

Punk, rock, metal, house, tekno, dnb, reggae, folk, and anything else I can steal :skull_and_crossbones:

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All bases covered there! :ok_hand:

Feel free to post any of your tracks up in here.