What are you working on at the moment?

What projects are you currently working on? It would be cool to hear what you’ve got going on.

Hey matt, ive got a project im working on currently… only started learning about 2 weeks ago and absolutely all by myself… its not finished yet as i have so much to do but its getting there

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Hey @Jord1991 Welcome to the forum! That’s great that you’ve made a start. Hopefully, you’ll find plenty of helpful tips here. Make sure you keep us posted on how you’re getting on.

I tried to upload a screen/video recording but it wouldnt let me haha

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Hmmm, not sure why it didn’t work mate. I’ll have to look into it. :+1:

Maybe the file was too big, ill do a little 1 minute recording and try that just so you get the idea of what im working on currently :wink:

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