Trying to reply to you Matt

Try to return your missive last night when I sent it this morning I received could not deliver type message from the courier which is Gmail don’t know which is the best way to communicate to you directly, you ask does if there was any joy in the help you sent and to be honest there was, I realigned the way I am recording and using plugins etc as not to overload the system and that seems to be working, with the mentality of treating reaper more of a friend than a tool ,if you get my drift, I have followed the John tidy videos and at last time able to understand them and have realigned the paths that recording media goes down. I’m getting myself tongue tied here please forgive me as I am on speaking text, I don’t know what’s worse me or the bloody machine. Long and short of it things are looking pretty rosy at the moment would like to send you some of my stuff if you’re interested if you could give me your email address that would be great kindest regards to you Matt ,Baden.

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I just sent you a DM. Glad things are on the up! Feel free to post any of your music here.