Revenue streams for musicians: Exploring ways to monetize your music

Making a living as a musician can be pretty challenging. That’s why it’s good to explore various revenue streams to look at ways we can monetize our music.

I’d love to hear about the different ways you’ve managed to monetize your music and any tips you have for those just starting.

Some common revenue streams include:

  • Streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)
  • Selling music on platforms like Bandcamp or iTunes
  • Physical merchandise (CDs, vinyl, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Live performances and touring
  • Licensing your music for TV, films, commercials, and video games
  • Patreon or crowdfunding platforms
  • Offering music lessons or workshops
  • YouTube ad revenue and sponsorships

Have you tried any of these methods? What has worked best for you, and what challenges have you faced?

Are there any unconventional revenue streams you’ve discovered that others might not have considered?

Let’s share our experiences and help each other maximize our potential earnings as musicians.

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Interesting information :thinking:

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I am currently looking into what options I have to receive funding in order to purchase a new computer and other software and gear, to pay for classes and have my album mixed by a professional engineer.

I came up with an idea to build a light website that introduces me and my music, explains my vision and provides an option to donate. I am also planning to land& include affiliate links in the website. Then as time goes by, I can expand and add products to sell and other services etc. but my first priority now is to make music for this album.

Also applying for grants and considering launching a kickstarter/other crowdfunding.

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Definitely some good ideas in there. You’ll have to keep us posted how you get on with it. :+1:

I use Soundcloud for artists, they will publish you songs to all the streaming sites. I actually made about $3 off my last song on Apple music from streaming. I guess I’m a professional now.

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That’s awesome you made some money from your music. Nice work! :ok_hand: