How to start making music

Hey yall so im 15 and im pretty good at writing lyrics ive been trying to get into a place to start learning to rap properly and a setup to make beats but i want to produce solo is there any advice on how to build a setup and what i wouod need because i have no general basis to go off of and know nothing about the topic. In addition could yall maybe post links to some cheaper begginer equipment cause i dont have alot of money to go off of.

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Hi Flare. Thanks for posting.

It’s great that you plan to get into production. Do you have any equipment at all, like a computer, speakers etc?

This article is a good place to start, as it gives you an idea of what you need to get started, along with some links. I’ll hopefully be updating it soon, but in the meantime, I hope it helps.

Hey matt i have a laptop that has built in speakers but i dont have any additional equipment and i cant really afford much.

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Sorry for the delayed response, I must have missed your reply.

You’ve got a laptop, so that’s a great starting point. If you can get a pair of headphones that will massively help.

DAW wise, most offer pretty decent free trials, or stripped down free versions. You could look at something like Ableton Lite. REAPER offer a free trial, and then it’s only around $60 to buy.